‘ Is it worth Being A Home Mom’

Its totally worth it. Our little one’s truly enter our world to change our lives forever. I as a kid always missed my mom during vacations. My mom was working full time and I entered day care as a 3 month old. It surely made me super independent but surely I was more of a clingy attention seeking kid who left no stone unturned to get my parents attention. I made a vow to myself very young that my childwill never ever have to crave for attention. Yes, I gave up my comfy cushiony corporate job for a thankless behind the scenes duty that may be a nanny could do better than me. But then I would have never known how it feels when your child learns to stand up first, his first word, his every lil naughtiness, his falls, his milestones, all this compensates for all the money and career time lost. There are times where I feel at loss of an identity, when I am called Sankalp’s mom but as he is growing I am trying to start working from home, being at home I’ve discovered a new me. The baker in me is having fun. I’ve just expanded my work and I am loving it. I get to be around my lil brat and yet can feel that my passion ain’t being wasted. These are my opinions and are not meant to be little anyone’s emotions, do not want to make any one guilty Because we all have justified reasons to be strong and to leave our lil ones home. Hats off to motherhood. All mothers are great for all their selfless dedication to their lil brats n dolls and experience makes me say this.

                                                                                                          Srishty Puri Gajbhiye

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