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We believe in freedom as essential to learning. Therefore the Culture is amiable within which children explore. We at THE IDI PRESCHOOL at Sector 46 in Gurgaon, truly value the family’s role in a child’s education, and recognize how much we can accomplish by working with families, in building a true partnership.

Emotional Support that makes children feel secure and helps them transition from the security of the home. This builds self-he Physical Development elp skills and makes Kids more independent.Opportunity fornables Kids to develop their fine & gross motor skills and understand how their body works.

Encouragement to Use Language to communicate, express self and learn to listen carefully. This builds language literacy and ability to explore, enjoy, experience and learn about the use of words.

Opportunity to explore Number and develop a sense for number, measurement, pattern, shape and space through exploration & practice.Enable Creative Expression through sharing their thoughts, ideas and feelings through a variety of mediums like art, music, movement, dance and role play activities.

Help Understanding of the World by finding out the significance of environment, people & places in their lives by using skills of problem solving, experimentation, prediction, decision making and questioning.

Our address

Nursery School Site, Near Plot Number 1393 SECTOR 46, GURGAON- 122002
28.474679, 77.1051021884
+91 9818208833 or +91 9212804500

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