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The Heritage School at Gurgaon has chosen the path of educating our children as opposed to just schooling them.THE HERITAGE SCHOOLS is a leading group of progressive schools offering child-centric education based on experiential learning.

The Heritage community will provide the space to be, learn and grow to all its members. It will strive to nurture the freedom of choice in learning and doing, without in any way compromising the rigour and discipline of learning.We will commit to practice and foster a state of attentiveness to all our thoughts and actions. Attentiveness involves giving ourselves completely to the present moment and silencing our insecurities, fears and unwanted thoughts. Attentiveness is the first step towards selfless love and compassion.

The Heritage community will always respect what one is and can become. We will endeavour to instill respect for the work we do, the people we engage with, the things we use, and the environment we live in. Above all, we will foster and strengthen a sense of respect for oneself.We will do the utmost to nurture a culture and habit of excellence and actively encourage high standards of character, behaviour and action. We will equally discourage mediocrity, carelessness and negligence in thought, word and action.

The Heritage community will encourage the principle of inclusion which will ensure fair opportunity and equal attention to all those who come to Heritage, without any discrimination whatsoever.The school will encourage and enable in thought, word and deed, authenticity of being and transparency, and by implication discourage all acts of hypocrisy, pretension and double standards.

Our address

Sector 62, Gurgaon
28.409799, 77.087712
0124 - 2855124/25/26

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