Mothers Speak

Pride ! Satisfaction ! Joy! The first words that come to my mind. Feels just like yesterday… that precious moment when my bundle of joy entered my world, I looked at my new born and felt priceless monderment at hoe anyone could create this miracle for me…and life suddenly was beautiful. A self-proclaimed hands down mommy- The joy of looking, caring and rearing for her, was and still is unparalleled!!   That first smile, that first dribble… That first walk, that first slip… That first bite, that first tooth.. Haven’t I seen it all. And then, a new life, new experiences, school and new friends. What a time we had, her first project when we worked together amidst fights and laughter. Those countless times when we danced, sang, orated preparing for competitions…getting ready for parties…did art and cooked, just to kill our idleness!! Would I have been able to do those, if I had been running a race…building up my corporate avatar…NEVER!! Wouldn’t we have been aliens.. and me merely a provider? What we share now is bond so truly magical. Couldn’t have asked for a bigger blessing from God, THAN BEING A HOME MOMMA.                                                                               Nidhi Bansal Sharma

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